Paris-Based Juliet Ariel Releases “Take Me With You” and Talks Green Smoothies

Paris-based singer, songwriter and producer Juliet Ariel just released her latest single ‘Take Me With You’. The self-produced track, which was released earlier this year, has been supported by the likes of Dancing Astronaut, Born Music and Fame Magazine. The video was shot in Ellis Beach in Cairns – Queensland, Australia by Julian Chiarotto.

GGM: What’s the inspiration behind the record for you personally

“My love for travel and adventure and of course, the idea that you could create a ‘door to paradise’ and escape with someone who allows you to be yourself around them is what inspired me to write the record. The song is actually opening up another world in front of me.”

Juliet was born in the DR Congo, but moved to France with her parents as a child. In recent years, Juliet has built a legion of fans on her social channels. Starting an Instagram account simply as a way of documenting her favourite clothes, she quickly built up followers and attracted the attention of fashion brands who asked her to model their latest collections. Juliet is currently counting over 208,000 followers on Instagram. She is currently working on her debut album, and has more music ready to release later this year and well into 2018. Girl Gang was lucky enough to get to ask her a few questions:

  1. What’s something people don’t know about you?
    I don’t drink alcohol and pictures of me holding wine are just props. People often think I like to drink wine and cocktails. I prefer green smoothies and I have secret recipes with sea salt that give you an instant glow on your skin.
  2. How has being a woman in the industry affected your career – if it has at all?
    I feel like there is no difference whether you are a woman or a man, what matters most is your creativity and confidence.
  3. What is your one piece of advice for someone just getting started in the music industry?Have fun making music.
  4. How do you get over fears to get after it & create fearlessly!?
    I always got inspired by artistry that I feel is truly authentic. That way, I can feel comfortable creating art that is a reflection of who I really am.

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