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Welcome back to another BOMB interview session with Top 10 DJane, DJ Da Candy.

In her busy schedule, the one and the only DJ Da Candy took some time out to talk with our Girl Gang Music community on getting started, staying focused, collaborating, and new projects coming soon!

She has collaborated with Lil Debbie, Justin Prime (multiplatinum producer and DJ), Dev (multi-platinum singer and songwriter), Lil Eddie (LA X-Factor Coach, multiplatinum songwriter), Nathaniel (Swizz Beatz songwriter), Ninnos Hanna (Maroon 5 songwriter), The Jackie Boyz (multi-platinum songwriters), Juicy M, and more.

If you want to learn about the process of a successful artist, keep reading below to explore what this master music producer has accomplished, hopes for, and practices.

Read our Q&A with DJ Da Candy, in full, below:

Girl Gang Music: How did you get into music? (We love to tell this part of your story so folks just getting started can know there are so many ways to get into the industry.)

DJ Da Candy: “My grandfather is a musician, so he taught me playing piano and all the harmony theory. Back into 2011, I was in an RnB band, where we had 4 people in it including me, singing and making hip hop music. We had tours and performances in our country at the clubs, and I always wanted to make music and make it famous all over the world. That pushed me on to thoughts to become a DJ and play my music at my gigs, and that’s what I did. My friend was a techno DJ, and he suggested to take his Technics MK 2 and his Pioneer 2 Channel Mixer and start following my goals.

At first, I was trying to mix all the underground heavy techno music on vinyls at home. Later, I then bought a SERATO and a laptop to start mixing some hip-hop music from there. A few months from there, I had my first gig at the local club in Kyiv, and I was more than super excited.

A few years later when I started touring, I started producing music in Logic Pro X, first it was mashups and bootlegs and after that I started to make my own beats and music; I released my first track “LOVE ME LOUD” 😏 lol. Back then it was a good start and gave me a feeling that I want to make music/beats/hits.”

Girl Gang Music: What does a daily routine (for music/work) look like for you? 

DJ Da Candy: “To talk about music production, I always start from listening to some music that I really like at the moment to be inspired. I always follow a lot of accounts with music plugins/software/mixing tips/music production. So, I do really often start my day with upgrading plugins or buying new ones and adding new synths, sounds. I do spend a lot of time sitting on samples🌝 like Splice or Cymatics, to get inspired and decide where I wanna go. I listen to a lot of Rnb and hip-hop music, so in my genre, Trap/JERSEY/Dubstep/JUNGLE BASS/Moombahton, I always try to put a little dash of hip hop influence. Now I’m working on an RnB album and releasing my dance EP. My Rnb album is inspired by feelings. It will be very intimate and soul touching as I put everything I had into it, all my feelings and emotions. I do like discovering new talents on the dance scene and collaborating with them. It’s gonna be a lot of collaborations with niche artists on my dance EP as well as on my RnB album. I prefer to work during the evening and night, because nothing distracts me at this time, and I can connect with my mind, soul and inner self.”

Girl Gang Music: How has COVID 19 interrupted or encouraged your workflow? 

DJ Da Candy: “Of course, all this situation stopped all the touring for a while. But there are pluses also, as I’m working hard on the RnB album right now with no interruption. Good news is I’ve almost finished it all. This period opened a lot of my other hidden talents, lol. Thinking about some alternative ways of earning on my music talent. I’ve started doing yoga and twerking. Cooking is also on the list, haha. I’m the ‘glass is half full rather than half empty’ type of person. This is the period I’ve needed to open myself from other sides, as a person, and to work more on my music production, as I do love this process and the moment when you finish the track, look at your Logic Pro project and start to imagine how people will feel when they will hear this track for the first time. I adore this feeling when you hear the track for the first time, and you are like “wwwwwoooowww, how I lived before this and straight after – the goosebump effect”. THIS IS LOVE and EUPHORIA.”

Girl Gang Music: What’s one thing you do to take care of yourself, physically or mentally?

DJ Da Candy: “I always do sport. It rests my mind and fulfills my body. It can be gym, twerking, cardio, gym or whatever kind of. But taking care of your body puts you higher in a mental approach. Also, I’m a vegan right now.”

Girl Gang Music: How have you approached your collaborations with Salvi, Charlotte, Devaney, Ferry, Dev, and more?

DJ Da Candy: “I always chat with producers and vocalists, support their music as I know myself how important it is for me and them. I do really like a ton of niche artists who are my inspiration. 

Dev is my number one inspiration and as I started my music career I’ve always dreamed to make a track with her and to write her an amazing beat she will love, and that happened. Now we have a track called “Make Out” with Dev and Ferry, and it’s pretty intimate and at the same time a pop crossover track. 

The other one with Salvi and Charlotte was a cool story. I’m a fan of Charlotte Devaney’s flow, and at that time, Salvi from Barnaton, Spain had sent me a part of the beat for maybe 30 secs with some instruments; it was moombahthon and had that lead that is now on the drop, but the idea was totally different. And I’ve matched it with an interesting hip hop bass with some vocal chops on it so it will fit Charlotte’s flow. And came out with this idea of the track. Guys loved it, so we decided to move on. 

I’ve already played this track at a lot of festivals and the feedback on this one is so crazy, people do really love the drop and are going crazy at my live performances on this track. And this is one of the great feelings I can get after working on it for such a long time. You know, artists are going through a lot of stuff: depression, acceptance and then again inspiration so you must repeat inspiration as much times as you can till you write your hit or at least your music catalog, huh.”

Girl Gang Music: Do you have long histories with the artists you collaborate with, or is the process more freestyle?

DJ Da Candy: “Collaborations are always long stories. I even got one very good collaboration with an artist I adore from childhood, who was my inspo for a long time, but for now, this track will not be released. 

The process of collaboration is very interesting. You must listen to other people involved in a track, and that’s the hardest part in an artist’s life. Don’t deny someone else’s opinion on something, always listen.”

Girl Gang Music: Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

DJ Da Candy: “I would really like to collaborate with 6lack, Timbaland, Kehlani, Black Atlass, PARTYNEXTDOOR and a lot of other artists.”

Girl Gang Music: Who’s your favorite writer in the game? Favorite producer? 

DJ Da Candy: “Timbaland is one of my all-time favorite producers. Also, I’m a fan of ILLMIND, MUSTARD, BOINDA, HITMAKA, KATO.”

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Her new rnb EP “DIRTY LAUNDRY” just dropped on July 3, 2020 and it out streaming now. It features collaborations with folks like Lil Eddie, Kodamilo, Pink Nois and many more. 

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DJ Da Candy’s Girl Gang Music Picks

Lil Debbie


Charlotte Devaney 

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