Allie Baby’s on her single “No Feelings” and the Movement

Raised in the Crescent City, which birthed some of Hip-Hop’s most influential artist and legendary music empires (Master P, Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, No limit, Cash Money Records), in addition to New Orleans’ strong association with Jazz, Allie inherited the musical creativity and influence her city is known for. Diverse yet cohesive, she successfully integrates various genres into her own sound covering all bases.

Before embarking on a solo career, Allie was fortunate to be a member of two groups. Blak Iyce, a female group molded under the direction of Dj Wild Wayne. “We got a chance to open up for G- Unit, the 504 Boyz, and travel on a tour bus to see what life on the road was like,” she said. She would continue to open up for B2K, Camron, Nas, and other mainstream acts. While recording in a Memphis studio, she had a chance encounter with producer Drumma Boy, the same producer who would go on to make hits for artists such as Kanye West, TI, and Young Jeezy. At the time, he was still up and coming. He dropped off some of his work and Allie listened to the tracks. She became hooked to his signature synthesized laced sound.

“I think I am music as music is me. It’s a being, a feeling, an emotion, what’s understood and not explained, but even if explained, understood. It’s transient, from 8 to 80 years old. Timeless. Classic. Vintage and Revolutionary simultaneously…

…I am a walking contradiction, I love and hate, I’m empathetic but reckless, I’ll provide the rope to help you climb, but use that same slack to hang you. Everything you love to love while being the thing you love to hate.”

As an independent artist who has been featured in Rolling Stone, Complex, and Hip Hop Nation, Allie Baby has proven she’s the music. But she also means business. 

We asked her about the inspiration behind her latest single, “No Feelings” featuring Denisia. She says its about empowerment. “It’s girl power, it’s black girl magic, it’s ‘Hellloooooo!!! The game is an even playing field!!” It’s a man’s world but nothing, and I mean NOTHING without a woman or a girl!! Ya dig!! This is the 2010s baby. Keep your feelings… I’m getting my paper, I’m on my grind, I’m focused, the game gets played both ways.”

It’s the movement, she says.


Contrary to the song’s title “No Feelings”, the truth is that Allie Baby has a whole lot of feelings in there. “I want to save all the animals in the world and literally end world hunger. I seem to have a scowl on my face most of the time that becomes associated with having an attitude, but it’s mostly because I’m deep in thought,” she says. “More than likely… pre-occupied with some problem that isn’t mine or doesn’t affect me. Something I’m fretting over that I have no control over. My heart is my greatest gift and my biggest curse.”

While existing in a male-dominated industry, Allie says she’s thankful for the strong women and collaboration she has.  “First of all, Denisia has the voice of an angel. She is ridiculously talented and can write her cute Reece’s pieces face tail off. And KC, second to none!! Why aren’t my friends completely famous and rich beyond their dreams yet??!! I have worked with KC on multiple projects of mine and we just have that chemistry that’s just natural, we hear the same things, we vibe to a lot of the same sounds, some things just happen natural in nature and I’m blessed to be able to have that environment for me to create.”

She says being a woman means that, “the pressure is multiplied by 1000… You have to be twice as good with triple the talent. You gotta have bars, you gotta be attractive, you gotta have your body together. You fear being written off as just a pretty face, you want to be feminine but multi-dimensional. You have to bring it all.”

Keep up with this chick and see what’s next. Pick up her singles NOW, y’all! She’s leading a movement.

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Allie Baby’s Girl Gang Picks

Jhené Aiko

“I love her so much. She is truly transparent through her artistry. This gives her the ability to connect with her audience. I’m truly a fan, being able to relate to so many of her growing pains.”


“I also dig Kehlani… simply because she doesn’t give a f**k. Another transparent artist who serves it to you with no filter.”



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