Gold Certified Recording Artist Veronica is the Alien Girl We All Need

Veronica’s bio on her website reads “I came from another planet”.

We’re buying it. We’re also buying her latest single, “Platinum”, produced by 3Stripe (Toronto Producer who has worked with mulit-platinum band Stereos, artist Just Chase and many artists from Toronto) and Bluxz (also Toronto Producer who works with Killy, Daxz, and other rappers.)

Check out “Platinum” below:

Girl Gang Music got to do an exclusive Q&A with Veronica about “Platinum” and what her next moves are. Read it here:

GGM: What was the moment of inspiration behind this record?

Platinum was a beat my producer made, (3Stripe) and I always had a connection with it. Something about the Eastern Influence melodically really stood out for me. I wrote the song with Dallas, another toronto singer and she has a super cool vibe. When we were writing the lyrics- we both were going through relationship B.S. and it ended up being a “look at us now” song. Empowering songs are the jam right now.

GGM: What was the moment you knew you wanted to pursue music?

“I’ve always known. I didn’t come from a musically talented family but music is what keeps us together. It just flows in my blood like I would have no soul and no life without music.”

GGM: You’ve obviously found huge songwriting success. Love love love your sound. What’s the key to good songwriting?

“For me it’s about the environment in the room. The chemistry has to match with the people writing, the beats and the instrumentals. I have to be 100% comfortable Which sometimes means telling someone to leave if they have a bad vibe! It’s happened before.”

GGM: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

“Most people don’t know I love Korn and Nine Inch Nails. I have a thing for Metal.”

GGM: What’s your one piece of advice you’d give to any young artist just getting started out there?

“Post as much about your craft as possible! No excuses haha I grew up with a very strict mindset and it’s taken me this far! Practice as much as you can & remember to never lose sight of why you started in the first place.”

GGM: Do you think being a woman in the music industry has affected your career? If so, how?

“Oh for sure – woman are put into a box that only one type of look and appearance will sell music! It’s frustrating getting told the less you wear the more interaction you get. Things are changing but all it takes is high self-esteem and a very high regard for your self to stand out.”

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Veronica’s Girl Gang Picks

“Anitta is such a inspiration right now.”

“I’d even say I’m paying a lot of Snoh Aalegra too!”


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