Sage talks “Bitter Chocolate” & Working with PJ Bianco

Writing songs since she was just nine years old and now at fifteen — Sage Charmaine’s fine tuned her sound as an artist making for the perfect combo of melodic pop music with equal parts honesty and edge. She’s the next development project from double-diamond Producer PJ Bianco, known for his work with Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony and A R I Z O N A.

Check out out our exclusive Q&A with Sage below:

GGM: How did you get here? Did you always know you’d be a musician? 

“I first moved to California when I was halfway through my 3rd grade year. I came out with my family because yes, I did always know I wanted to be a musician, and I was lucky enough to have wonderful parents that believed in my dream as well!”

GGM: What was the songwriting + production process behind this song & video? If you have any pictures, we’d love to see them. 

“Bitter Chocolate was actually the song that’s had the longest process so far for me & it has come a LONG ASS way. I first started the song in like 2016 and worked my ass off for the past 2 years to get it perfect. Luckily, it came out dope as hell and I absolutely couldn’t be happier!”

GGM: What has been your proudest moment so far in life? Music or otherwise? 

“My proudest moments have no doubt been music related, since being a musician takes up my whole entire life. As of right now, my biggest accomplishment was performing at Galore’s halloween party, then meeting Jaden Smith and having him tell me I was the highlight of the night. LMAOOO!”

GGM: What are you working on right now to improve your craft? IE. What are you learning or focusing on? 

Lately, I’ve actually been working a lot on my lyrics. It’s easy to fall into “basic” lyrics where the feeling behind what you’re saying begins to lose meaning because there’s nothing special to stick out and catch your attention. Because of this, I’ve been focusing less on writing “uniform songs” and more so just vibing out and putting verses or just little runs wherever feels right.”

GGM: What’s your golden nugget of advice for any woman in the industry? 

“People will compare you to everyone in this industry so I think it’s extremely important to find your own style, sound, persona etc, and once you find whatever that may be, own that shit. Don’t listen to the people around you that will judge you and concern themselves with you because if you’re happy and enjoying your craft then that’s all that matters.”

GGM: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? 

“I’d say that I love anime & comics, specifically Soul Eater and DC.”

GGM: Do you think being a woman in music has affected your career? If so, how? 

“I think it definitely has. As a girl that has grown up in the industry, I’ve been through people underestimating me because of my gender or trying to take advantage of me because of my gender. I think more than anything, though, it’s made me a stronger, more independent woman who doesn’t feel like she needs a man to escort her through life.

“I think it’s also affected my career by putting the fire in me to be more and more successful in music since there’s not that many young girl artists dominating the game right now.”

Sage’s Girl Gang Music Picks

“As of right now, my favorite artists are Clairo, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Peachy!”



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