Olivia Frances Keeps It Sunny with “Moon to My Sun”

Cincinnati native and environmentalist (she’s presently a junior at Clark University, majoring in Global Environmental Studies with a music minor), Olivia Frances is a singer-songwriter and musician with a generally sunny disposition. Frances’s infectious positive energy draws from musical inspirations such as Jack Johnson, Bon Iver, and Kacey Musgraves. Wisdom shines through her pop-folk creations, and she remains dedicated to her craft by honing her skills with disciplined daily practice and regular live shows.

Songwriting is the foundation for this girl. She belongs to the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) where she’s been on the “Ones to Watch” list over 20 times and her song “Back to Happiness” was awarded Best Pop Song of the Year in the Ohio Music Awards in 2014.

Written on her dorm room floor, “Moon to my Sun” arose from an ordinary night of guitar practice and turned into the makings of an ethereal love song. She recalled:

“I picked up my guitar and started practicing, when I stumbled upon this picking pattern. I fell in love with it, playing it over and over. The first four lines of the song just came to me seamlessly. It’s a simple love song, inspired by my charming Greek boyfriend. Everything, timing-wise, lined up so perfectly for us to meet. It’s just one of life’s mysteries.”

The song was produced, engineered, and mixed by Pat Lassiter at Riverfront Recording in Nashville, TN. (And she sends special thanks to session musicians William Ellis (drums), Tim Galloway (guitar), and Mike Holmes (piano)!)

GGM: How did you get over insecurities or fears and start releasing music?

It’s funny because I do not remember having initial fears when I first released music. Instead, I’d say I’ve had more insecurities about releasing this new single: What if my fans don’t like it as much as my other songs? What if I’m going in the wrong direction artistically and/or musically?

She continues, “I’ve gotten over these fears by just trusting my gut and going with what I believe is right.”

Olivia frequently mentions how the natural world inspires her music and that she enjoys being outdoors generally. So we can’t help but ask how she thinks being a woman has affected her career. She’s still sunny, but she’s honest too:

“Being a woman affects how I see the world and how I maneuver in my every day life, which is present in my songwriting whether I’m aware of it or not. It has definitely affected my career positively and negatively…

…For example, I’m glad to have gotten the opportunity to be featured in your blog partially because of my gender (yay)! On the other hand, as the facts show, men dominate the music industry. Whether it’s reviewing a lineup at a festival or a list of record label executives, this is apparent.”

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