Electro Pop Artist MÁDAM Releases Inspiring New Single “Doers”

MÁDAM is a unique Electro-Pop singer from Brazil and Argentina. Her Velvet-like vocals combined with her soulful lyrics and melodies create a sound like no other. She currently resides in NYC and is producing her first album. Known professionally as MÁDAM but formally named Marina Maiztegui, she began taking voice and guitar lessons at the age of 11, in order to accompany herself and write her own music. Soon her talent and drive were clear to everyone who saw her perform. She said, “I grew up surrounded by languages and culture because I moved a lot since I was young. I was fortunate to learn Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French all by the age of 11. Music was always my gateway and through that, I learned the healing power it has and the fact that it’s an incredible mood modulator.”

Awarded with a scholarship, Marina moved Boston to study at the renowned Berklee College of Music in 2011, majoring in Professional Music and Music Therapy with a minor in Psychology. She says the psychology minor comes into play still:

“Music for me isn’t all about feeling, because feeling is also about understanding ourselves and having a awareness that allows us to express it through art. So understanding the role music has on us mentally and physically was and still is tremendously helpful.

While studying at Berklee she performed and shared the stage with renowned artists such as the legendary Bossa Nova composer Marcos Valle, the Peruvian singer-songwriter and two-times Latin Grammy Award-winning artist Susana Baca, and the three times Grammy and Sixteen Latin Grammy Award-winning artist Alejandro Sanz.

Hear her latest tune DOERS here:

DOERS is inspired by the idea of counteracting the saying of calling ourselves “Dreamers”. Singer MÁDAM explains her conflict with the word dreamer since its something we technically only do when we sleep. When people say they “dream” of something, their brain subconsciously understands it is something so unattainable and distant from their reality, that they don’t necessary have to act upon it. It creates a subconscious idea that it is unreal and therefore will only happen if a “wish comes true”. She explains maybe the world is the way it is today because it is full of dreamers waiting for something better to come instead of acting upon it. Our brain is our tool, so instead of making it believe its unattainable, let’s make it believe it’s possible ,and “DO” instead of dream. So let’s act less like sleepwalkers and more like walkers and let’s turn all of these dreamers into “DOERS”.

GGM: What was the creative/production process behind the song? What does it mean to you?

“Oh this song was very interesting. It all started in the NYC subway where all I see are people with this heavy energy, sad, or frustrated, but most are filled with goals and dreams. So it occurred to me, why do we say we have dreams is that is something we only have when we sleep. Maybe it creates an unconscious understanding that what we strive for is so distant and unreachable, that we end up not truly believing we will get there, therefore, we don’t truly act upon it. That was a very deep thought to think about in the subway, so I wrote everything I was thinking and feeling on my phone. The next day, I woke up with the melody of the chorus in my head and I simply could not get over how much I loved it, so I recorded it on my phone. Next thing you know I called Andrew (the producer) and told we needed to make this song come to life. He was instantly captivated by both the music and the story I had to tell through the music, so we basically had all the tracks done in one session. Crazy huh? haha”

As a singer-songwriter, Marina strives to create entertaining yet thought-provoking music. Her pop-electronic sound combining musical hooks and challenging lyrics creates tracks worth talking about. “Music has the power to unite, as well as create a safe an accepting environment. It allows us to communicate in an universal language and express our true selves in a unique way.” Marina always believed in the power music had on people’s lives, because of the power it had on her own life. For that reason she decided to write music with a deeper level of connection and empathy.

“Especially being an artist, my level of sensitivity and empathy are way over the roof. I tend to over analyze everything, especially myself,” she said, when Girl Gang asked about how she overcomes insecurities to chase her dreams. “I don’t think we ever overcome fears, we simply learn to pass through them and to acknowledge their existence, involvement, and effect in our life. I don’t try to defeat fear and insecurities directly, I try to conquer and build my confidence and self belief instead.”

In 2018, she’ll be releasing her album and she will be doing an East coast tour post-release and hit up the West coast later in 2018.

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