Call Me Loop talks and her latest single “Give n Take”

Give ‘n’ Take was produced by London producer Hight (who has worked with the likes of Anne Marie, Lily Allen, Tom Walker, Rita Ora), and serves another slice of Loop’s lyrical sass combined with a soaring pop chorus. The track comes fresh off the back of the catchy Maybe I’m a Liar- that has received over 250k streams to date together with a bold and colourful video.

“This is a song about reaching that point in a relationship where the spark and spontaneity has gone and you need more effort from your partner. It’s quite a fun tongue-in-cheek song but the lyrics are actually really personal as they’re about a relationship with an ex,” LOOP said.

London-based pop singer Loop had a busy 2017; releasing her acclaimed debut EP Call Me Loop produced by A-Minor, Benjamin Miller, Draper, and Louis La Roche, playing live shows and supporting Jonas Blue on his headline EU tour.

Having amassed over 2.5 million streams on Spotify alone, LOOP has gained support from Elton John (who hand-picked her pop banger As If for his Beats 1 show), BBC 1XTRA, BBC Introducing London and BBC Radio 1 (with Clara Amfo drawing comparisons to Jessie Ware and BANKS).

Check out her latest video for “Give ‘n’ Take”: 

Check out our exclusive Q&A below: 

1) How did you get here? Did you always know you’d be a musician?

“Ha it’s been a long old journey! Yeah i literally always wanted to be a singer, and never really gave myself a backup plan. Think some of my friends/family though i’d grow out of the whole ‘i’m gonna be a popstar!’ thing, but here i am, still slogging away lol. I was going to summer performance camps and things from a really young age and i’ve been writing songs since i was about 5. My 14th birthday present from my parents was one of those ‘experience’ days where i got to go record two songs in a professional studio for the day. Thought i’d died and gone to heaven!”

2) What has been your most amazing moment so far in life? Music or otherwise?

“Blimey. That’s a good question. I actually don’t think I can answer that… partly because I honestly have the worst memory in the world and even phenomenal life anecdotes drop out of my head basically the day after they happen (it sucks) and partly cos i think there’s just been loads of amazing moments, music and otherwise, that have led me to where i am now. I had a really fucking good time at Rize festival last weekend and i’m pretty sure Belfast Vital festival this Saturday is gonna be one of the best days of my life cos it’s gonna be my biggest crowd so far by a long way.”

3) What was the songwriting + production process behind this record? If you have any pictures, we’d love to see them.

“I actually wrote Love The Lie in Sweden! I went last September and it was my first writing trip abroad. I was there for four days and we wrote Love The Lie on my third day. I’d just broken up with my 4 year-long boyfriend so was in a bit of a weird headspace. I was finding the adjustment to single life pretty weird, on one hand feeling so sad and like i was missing a part of me, and then on the other hand really enjoying this whole new level of freedom that came with single life and dating and stuff. I wrote it with Robert Habolin and Marcus Holmberg and it came super quickly to us – the moment i’d decided on that initial concept we were kinda on our way. Robert added that sexy spanish guitar in the post-chorus and me and Marcus both lost our shit lol. We were like YAASSSS. By the end of the session i knew it was gonna be a single. Then we got Bantu and Hight to work some extra magic on production and voila, i had my next release.”

4) What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

“I love pizza. Nah everyone knows that. Ummm i’m hypermobile? So my joints all overextend – i can spin my forearm around way further than is normal – that used to be my party trick. What else? I’ve had a Disney song sing-off with Katie Price in Barbados. That was a surreal moment in my life. My real name’s Georgia – loads of people don’t seem to know that, even producers i work with – we’ll get halfway through the day and they’ll suddenly be like ‘oh yeah what’s your name by the way?’. I respond to Loop too though so ya know, whichever tickles ya pickle.”

5) Do you think being a woman in music has affected your career? If so, how?

“I dunno really – who knows where i’d be at if i were a male artist. There’s a ton more female artists at the moment than there are male, like, so many more it’s kinda nuts, so i guess that makes it harder cos the market is super saturated. But there are so many women smashing it alongside each other right now that there seems to be just about enough space for all of us! I think women have made a fair bit of progress in recent years in regard to being able to do things way more on their terms as well; i personally am lucky enough to have never felt pressurised to be someone i’m not or do something i don’t want to do. I think that comes down to the team you have around you in large part, and also the fact that i’m a bit older – being where i am now at 27 i think is a blessing to be honest cos if i’d have started out when i was still a teenager i think i’d have lost my way big time.”


LOOP’s Girl Gang Music Picks


“I’m obsessed with Bülow. Her song ‘You & Jennifer’ is so so great.”

(Note: Girl Gang JUST interviewed Bulow, and you can read that piece here).

Maisie Peters

“Her song ‘Worst of You’ makes me cry every single time.”


“Girl duo Ider also smashing it with their latest single ‘You’ve Got You Whole Life Ahead of You Baby’. There are so many amazing female artists out there at the moment.”


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