Kymberley Kennedy Releases Killer New Single

Kymberley Kennedy is a British singer/songwriter who self identifies as “Portishead meets Massive Attack”. That was intriguing enough for us. She says she, “knew I wanted to do something with music from a young age… probably 5, but dancing was actually my first love.” Singing and creating music came later in life for her. “I blame my dad. Awesome musician, which is a pity really, because I can’t play a single thing! I’m an anti-musician.”

Yet, Kymberley clearly has music in her.

Check out her latest:

“‘Don’t Pacify Me’ is about that moment where you’re in an argument with a loved one and, right at the point where you’re putting your point across, the other person hugs you. They do it, not because they care, but to shut you up. They know they have that power over you, to disarm you when they don’t want to deal with you. I think a lot of people have been in that situation.”

She says she wrote the song with her band in between live shows back in September 2017. “I went to Miles (guitar) and Steve (keys) with some beats, guide vocals and a bassline and basically said, ‘hey, let’s do something with it’. So we started working on it together… and that was sort of it!” The song ended up being written and produced at her house using a DAW called Renoise which she says she’s, “always sad to say isn’t as well known as Ableton, but it’s a great piece of software”.

We loved that she gets hands on with software, and she says being a woman in the industry has its pros and cons — especially when it comes to technology. “One thing that amuses the heck out of me is when me and the guys arrive at a venue ready to sound check and the sound engineer will automatically go up to either Miles or Steve to ask them about the set up of the electronics. It’s as though it’s inconceivable that a female could be behind that side of things. I mean, we’re all in good spirits, but it does happen a lot.”

GGM: What’s one thing people don’t know about you? 

“If you’ve wronged me, I’ve probably written a song about you. Song-writing is cathartic so it’s a good way of getting your feelings out and then you can draw a line under it. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve pulled a Taylor Swift on one or two people.”

Keep up with her in 2018 (if you can!)

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Kymberley’s Girl Gang Picks

“People should definitely check out LOOP aka Call Me Loop, Bloom Twins and pretty much everything JoJo is doing right now!”

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