June 2017 Girl Gang Music Spotify Playlist: Curated by Carolyn Malachi

Sometimes things go a little out of your control. On June 1, Girl Gang Music’s site totally crashed and all the content was wiped! I HAD A MINOR HEART ATTACK, but here we are, back at it.

For this month’s Girl Gang Music spotify playlist, we tried something new. I invited Grammy-nominated songstress, Carolyn Malachi, based in Washington, D.C. to curate the playlist. About the curation process, Carolyn said, “the playlist is comprised of artists who inspire and intrigue me. I’m especially delighted by Rihanna’s “James’ Joint”, an interesting voyage into Jazz.”

And, of course, we had to include her new release “Summer Cool”, which she described as, “an expression of pure love.” The tune is an absolute earworm made for the heat of June and July. The very talented Jerel Abraham produced the song and played each of the instruments.

Other artists featured include: 

Be Steadwell / Climbing PoeTree / Yemi Alade / Reesa Renee / Jen Miller / Janelle Monae
Pinky KillaCorn / Naomi Achu / Rihanna / Aus Tebza / Christie Dashiell / Cashmere Cat
Chelsey Green / Syd / Sabina / Natalie Cole / Alex Mali
& more…


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