JEAN releases “Running on Empty” & gives tips for new artists

JEAN is a singer/songwriter born (& currently) in LA. “From there I grew up on a ranch in Temecula, with chickens, horses, goats and at least 4 dogs at any given time. My step- father was really hard on me which lead me to writing as it was an outlet for me. Since 6 years old I have been singing and writing music. The moment I discovered music I could not stop finding out more, quickly I joined choir, drama, church band and even had a failed attempt at the flute. ha! Singing was more my thang!”

“I feel so at home with music there is no plan B only plan A, Music.”

JEAN dished on the inspiration behind “Running on Empty”:

“The inspiration came after a friend of mine who has had a lot of success in his life mentioned to me that he was unhappy even after reaching his level of success and money. He said “Jean sometimes I wish I could just live in a small house with no stress and work at a diner or something and just enjoy my life.” I then instantly thought about all of the people who would see his homes and his cars and wish for that life when he is actually wishing for something more simple himself. The next day I went into the studio and knew I had to write about this because a lot of us go through the motions no matter where we are in life in our careers  and I felt it was my job with this record to wake people up! Let people know that life is too short and to break free from what everyone said you should be doing but rather do what YOU want and make yourself happy!! I was the actress for video- I literally cut my hair for just this video to play the waitress who is a little more masculine and then I play myself when we switch over to me finally becoming JEAN-the artist.”

She said the production team has been so important in creating these records. “Jason Blaine, Joey Tripper and Andrew Grant  producers on JEAN… With ‘Running On Empty’ we sent it off to Erik Madrid and he put the final polish on the record with the mix. There is such a synergy between all of us that I usually go into the studio give the producers a general idea of what I want to record that day….they then get the general chords down quickly because, I get antsy. Then from there I hop on the Mic do a  freestyle and we usually end up keeping the first vocal take as the final take.”


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