Indie Artist CHIRINE Taught Herself to Produce

Twenty-one year old CHIRINE is a Lebanon-born self-taught producer, artist, and songwriter who was raised in western Sydney, Australia. She says growing up with a balance of multiple cultures, rnb, hip hop and middle eastern music have influenced her sound heavily. If music hadn’t captured her eye, she says she would have studied political science.

“I’ve been wanting to pursue music since I was a kid, I’ve always known it was what i wanted to do well before i even knew how to do it.”

CHIRINE says being female in a male dominated industry has led her to learn the ropes of production.

“I started to take production seriously last year after realising how male dominated this industry was and that was before i even released a track, it pushed me to learn the ropes and made me want to prove to people that we can do more than just sing.”

But CHIRINE says nothing is black and white. “Being a woman has affected my career in negative and positive ways. I believe we have a lot more to prove in this industry – especially if we want to be in control of our own music – and for myself growing up in this city makes it a lot more difficult since their isn’t really a market for R&B.”

She says she’s looking to build a killer team of female creatives to take over and release a project. Check out CHIRINE’s debut tune “You & Me”, full of bouncy 808s and a steady rnb beat. Keep an eye out for her in 2018!




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