Meet Youth Group from Brooklyn: The Dirty Spoons

The Dirty Spoons comprises of a mixture of young musicians who want to tell real life experiences of what young people go through from the heart of Brooklyn, New York:

“We’ve been together for a year and this is our first project releasing together. We have KEE and Maui on vocals, Mary and Chris on keys, Nicole on Bass, Jenesie on trumpet, Noah on alto sax, Candy on tenor sax/trumpet, and CJ on drums.”

The band says they’re a close knit group and even though they come from different parts of Brooklyn, they still find time to practice at least twice a week. The Dirty Spoons started at an afterschool program in Brooklyn called Beacon 271. Playing music together during after-school was fun, and some students wanted to take it further, so the music teacher – who is now their manager – helped them form an outlet and, thus, the Dirty Spoons were created. They shared with us a new song “Desire” is off The Dirty Spoons debut EP called 11:11. When Girl Gang asked about the inspiration behind the song, they said:

“The title 11:11 is reference to a time in the day when people make wishes. The general idea is that young people for always wishing for something better. Desire is the first song on the EP and it tells a story of the beginning stages in a adolescent relationship. Usually things go great in the beginning and it seems as if no wrong can be done. As the EP unfolds things don’t end up as planned, having everybody involved wishing for something better.”

GGM: How’d you write “Desire”?

“Our manager gave us an instrumental… KEE already had a hook written and the rest of the band fell in love with it. Maui and KEE wrote their verses and the hook and the rest of the band gave their input on what they liked and didn’t. We had a problem with the ending because we wanted it to be more exciting and flowing as it is in our live performances.”

Once everybody was satisfied with the song, the band hooked up with Francion Corbett from Nu Birth Records in Brooklyn to lay the track down. They said, “If any in Brooklyn is looking for a dope producer that will get the best sound out you then Fran is your guy! It took about three sessions and a lot of  tweaking to reach our final goal but we got it done.”

GGM: What’s next in 2018?

By 2018 the Dirty Spoons’ EP, 11:11 will be released and they will be working on create music videos for each of the songs. The tile 11:11 is a reference to that time of people when young people make wishes on everything they desire. “Young people have become obsessed with this time frame and often screenshot it for their various social medias. We took it as a chance to relate to the people around our age and tell a meaning to project. 11:11 tells a story of a relationship gone bad and in the ending both parties are just wishing for something better… We believe each song needs a video so our audience can fully understand our message we’re trying to convey.”

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