A Q&A with Demi Grace on her upbringing & inspirations

Demi Grace is a singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. How does she do it? That’s still a mystery.

She’s worked alongside recording artists such as Taio Cruz, Flo-Rida and Akon and has even snagged a commercial with Amber Rose. In January 2017, Demi filmed a commercial alongside Jillian Hervey of Lion Babe for Pantene Pro-V and was named the first woman with dreadlocks to star in a major hair care campaign and the first for the brand in general. But how did she get here?

London-born Demi Grace was raised in South London around sisters who immersed themselves in the arts, and she quickly developed a deep desire to be a songwriter and entertainer. But it wasn’t until she moved to the United States that she says, “[After] moving to the US my dream became reachable.”It was at Deer Valley High School in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area in which Demi became heavily involved in music programs. She joined and taught choir and performed weekly in a local fish shop — and began recording music under the provision of Disney Music executive, Alyssa Talovic.

And, today, she’s thriving.

Her latest release “The Dream” has found huge success already… it BUMPS. The beat was giving me Kelis – Bossy vibes with that 2017 low-fi trap. Allllluhbout it. Hear it below.

“The Dream” was written during a heated session at Jay Karnell’s studio in Queens, NY. Demi wrote a song embracing the queen within despite society’s requirement to be a “bad bitch”. Soon after this turned into an empowerment song; vying for the listeners who need encouragement to be their truest self. The Dream is a self proclamation and an appreciation for how far one has come.

So, after I understood that about her recent release, “The Dream”, I was really glad I asked Demi about how being a woman affects her career as a creative in music. She said:

“I think being a female in the music industry can be both a gift and a curse at times. People are more critical of women in the music industry, our weight, our sexuality, our image, our age, all of it is always in question. When you see a male in the music industry, he can be fat, skinny, buff, tall, short, and can still be judged on his work only. If a female is successful in the music industry and also happens to be pretty, she’s deemed a girl who made money from a pretty face instead of a woman who has impeccable business sense. That is the curse; the pre-judgement. But the gift is the possibility of overcoming all of that and being successful regardless of what people think. It’s more of an internal gift.”

GGM: What drives you to write music? What is your largest source of writing inspiration?

God inspires me. Love inspires me. Those two factors combined have so much depth and longevity. I learn new things about God and Love everyday, how could I not write and sing about it.

She’s badass. Keep up with this chick, y’all! She’s promising a new project in 2018.

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