Courtney Farren Releases “Go Easy” (and moved 5x this year)

Courtney started writing music from a young age and started singing lessons at six. She says she knew right then that it was forever. As a kid, Courtney moved around a lot. Now, she’s made it a habit. “I moved houses (and one apartment and one hotel) 12 times from when I was born until I was 18. After I graduated from my online high school, I moved around a lot on my own. This year alone I moved 5 times; to Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, New York, and then back to San Francisco just a few weeks ago.”

We got to ask her about her ethereal, Rhodes-driven single: “Go Easy was one of the first songs I wrote on piano which makes it particularly special to me. Now that I’m finally putting it out I made the cover art a photo of my parents when they were my age dating because I really loved how pure the image is and it has history. This song feels very innocent and vulnerable to me, so I think it fits.”

Courtney’s latest “Go Easy”:


no I’ve never been in love so for me this is a lot could you take it at my pace or is that too elementary?

and of course I’m not surprised by that look in your eyes

never mind it I can handle it oh I have just lied to you

you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and imma love you either way but please

go easy go easy

you’re 100 smokes lit up at once

even one I’ve not experienced so

go easy go easy

We asked her about the highs and lows of being an indie artist. “I’m not sure what my proudest moment is, but I’m really proud of how I changed professionally and personally on a certain trip to New York. During that trip in July of 2016, I worked on my music in ways that were previously foreign to me. In the extremely hot side-room of my friend’s apartment in Queens we stayed up until 7am most nights recording, slept in the day, made cookies, drank frozen Gatorade, played word scramble games on the iPad, and I was really happy.”

A photo gallery of the New York trip:

The genuine sound to Go Easy has us wanting a lot more new music from Courtney. It felt easy and honest, although finding organic samples and collected sounds from internet strangers to lay melodies on top of is the furthest thing from easy to do well.

She says, “I bought and learned ProTools that week, and felt almost immediately comfortable with the software. Go Easy and my next two singles, Mrs. Darkside and You, were recorded during that trip (even though they were slightly re-mixed and mastered more recently), and they really mean a lot to me for that reason. It was hands on, spur of the moment, and fun – using a lot of downloaded samples and sounds that my friends and I made and multiple vocal tracks.”

GGM: How has being a woman in the music industry affected your career?

“Being a woman in music has affected my career in a few ways. The main one being that I’m often questioning the intentions of people who want to work with me for one reason or another. I’ve run into a few situations where my physical appearance and sexuality have been recognizably placed before my musical talent, and that can be extremely frustrating. I want my music to be appreciated for what it is; not for my body type or the color hair I have.

People of all genders and identities struggle in their own ways, and I hope at one point there can be open discussions on how we can better each other without exclusivity and hate. In the end, I’m proud to be a woman in music and I’m interested in seeing how the industry changes while I’m a part of it.”

–> Pick up “Go Easy” on Bandcamp. <–

She’d really appreciate it and it’s a gorgeous tune.

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Courtney’s Girl Gang Music Picks

“Suggestions! Well, my current top three favorite female artists are Nina Simone, Karen O, and Lisa Germano. Nina Simone is a classic, Karen O’s soundtracks on a few of Spike Jonze’s films are amazing, and Lisa Germano is just cool. I like her use of sounds.”

Karen O.

Lisa Germano


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