Cecilia Ebba Shares How She Wrote & Produced Her Latest Single “Voices”

Swedish independent alt. singer-songwriter Cecilia Ebba just released a stunning new single “Voices”. Based in London, UK presently, Cecilia has been singing and writing songs for as long as she remembers but just recently began releasing her own music in 2017. “I’ve always looked up to musicians who take control over their own careers, so becoming an independent artist was a natural step for me and I really enjoy the creative freedom it has given me,” she says.

“Voices” is the third single from Cecilia’s solo project, a project she began sharing with the world earlier in 2017 when releasing her previous singles ‘Sweet Summer Wine’ and ‘Breathe Out Breathe In’. With this self produced and atmospheric new single Cecilia is introducing a new side of her by inviting the listener closer than ever with her deeply personal songwriting and stripped back production.

‘Voices’ was born from a lonely place and was written midst a first re-encounter with some old familiar whispering demons, who for a brief moment stepped out from the shadows to show themselves in full light. The sound draws comparisons to the likes of Bon Iver and Billie Marten and the consistent guitar picking is gently carrying her soaring voice and ethereal harmonies, something that has become a signature of Cecilia’s sound.

Voices is personal to her because she wrote it at a time where she was confronted with a very intense loneliness for the first time in many years…

“It’s about opening an old door that you shut a long time ago, balancing on the edge, close enough to feel old emotions catching up with you while you’re still at a safe enough distance to remain control to shut that door when needed.”

She says the process was simple. “I just wrote down whatever was going on inside my head, like a stream of consciousness. It’s interesting these things, because sometimes I really don’t know what I’m actually feeling until I’ve written it down. Those times I can look back at a lyric I’ve just written and for the first time realise what’s actually going on. I definitely had many of those moments while writing this track!”

As for production of the record, she says she,spent a lot of time just listening to the track over and over, just adding some small sounds here and there to begin with, to create some sort of “sound map” of where I wanted the track to go. I usually hear the production in my head as I write my songs actually, even if I write them on just the guitar or piano.”

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Cecilia Ebba’s Girl Gang Picks

Ane Brun

“She’s a really successful and talented independent singer-songwriter and I have so much respect for her and all the work she puts into her music! She’s definitely one of my biggest inspirations. One of the best live performances I’ve ever seen was literally just her and her guitar on stage for 2 hours. That’s not an easy one to pull off.”

Marika Hackman

“I just love her music and I’m always blown away by her lyric writing. I recommend anyone who hasn’t heard her music yet to check it out.”


“I absolutely adore her. When the labels wouldn’t support the music she wanted to make she decided to go her own way and start up her own label and take charge of her own destiny. I’ve been a huge fan of hers since I was a child and she’s still making awesome music and has become such a big inspiration for a lot of girls and women out there.”


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