BERNARDO’s Soulful Album “Live at Sarah’s” Leaves Us Swooning

Bernardo is a British/Portuguese singer-songwriter that has been turning heads in various corners of the world. Her soulful voice has a Fado weep mixed with Bossa-Nova simplicity; and her poised lyrics about people and relationships in the 21st Century can slide in and out of jazz standard-esque vibes in an instant.

She has just released a live album called ‘Live at Sarah’s’ that follows on from her debut EP ‘Tender’ which not only caught the attention of Jools Holland, but lead to an invitation to support Jools on his ‘Summer 2016’ and ‘Winter 2016’ tours.

Check out “One Inch Punch” below: 

Read Girl Gang Music’s Q&A with BERNARDO below:

What was the moment of inspiration behind this record?

This might sound weird. But I always had this idea to record live in a room that wasn’t specifically designed for recording. My cousin’s house was perfect! I had a lot of great times in that house dancing around the coffee table, so I decided to get a bunch of my talented mates and do some of my tracks and also celebrate some of my favourite songwriters such as Nick Cave and Caetano Veloso.

What was the moment you knew you wanted to pursue music?

Ever since I heard the Spice Girls, I wanted in! I just always adored sounds and singing and great singers. The music world seemed always mystic to me. Then I saw this picture of Poison Ivy with this sheer bodysuit playing guitar and I thought it was the best thing ever… I think that was the moment for me really.

You’ve obviously found huge songwriting success. Love love love your sound. What’s the key to good songwriting?

I don’t really know. A lot of people say just be honest and that’s quite hard but also quite crucial. Songwriting makes me soo anxious, but when im satisfied with a song it’s the greatest feeling ever. I really have no clue.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I was born on a Friday 13th, and use this fact as an excuse to anything good or bad that happens to me.

What’s your one piece of advice you’d give to any young artist just getting started out there?

Write a lot. Not just songs but anything. Send your mum a letter once in a while.

Do you think being a woman in the music industry has affected your career? If so, how?

I don’t think so. Sure there’s the odd time where because you’re a girl and primarily a vocalist people tend to not take you seriously, but I haven’t experienced it much. I also think the industry is starting to get a bit more clued up about sexism and how that’s a no no.

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