Ann Taylor on Metaphors of Sobriety & “Murphy’s Law”

Ann Taylor is a singer-songwriter from the west coast of Canada who is, “madly in love with my kitten Bear and eat way too much candy as a coping mechanism.” [Laughs]

Check out her latest “Sober”, which we were lucky enough to get to ask her a few questions about below. Take a listen.

Phase me out in this field of roses, 
You keep me sane in this comatose,
Forget my name with another dose of 
Serotonin flowing through your veins.

Here’s the story behind the track:

“My good friends Matt DiMaulo and Jesse Epp approached me with a beat they had been working on and felt like my voice was the final piece of what the song needed. I instantly fell in love with the groove and was so stoked they were prepared to let me experiment with some unique melodies so we sat down with the bare bones beat and words began pouring out! It ended up being a 13 hour studio session that day because we were all so in love with the track that no one was prepared to leave until we had all the vocals recorded.

I met Matt through a local studio he worked at while I was seeking out some recording. He’s an incredibly talented songwriter as well as sound engineer so our friendship grew quickly towards creating music together! Since then, he has started up his own record label, Illium Audio, and signed me as his first artist!”

She says most people hear the song and assume it is about drug addiction, but they’re just scratching the surface. “In actuality, the tune was inspired by the addiction to ego that I was witnessing around me. I feel that there is some serious truth in the metaphor… I came to this realization that there was a huge disconnect and that vanity was causing so many relationships in my life to drift from both ends.”

Still, Ann is focused. She just released her new EP ‘Murphy’s Law’ on December 8, 2017.

GGM: Anything else?

“Also, no one likes cilantro. Stop kidding yourselves.”

Ann Taylor’s Girl Gang Picks

Tarriona Tank Ball (Tank & The Bangas)

“Tarriona Tank Ball from the Tank & The Bangas ….. I am madly in love with her voice and how insanely raw her performances are.”

Maggie Rogers

“Also Maggie Rogers!! I admire her so much for her creative decisions and also for kicking all the ass in a production role!”


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