3 Reasons Why Musicians Should Set Up Their Own Publishing Company

Many artists have nightmares about unknowingly signing away the publishing on all my songs to an unscrupulous manager or label and losing control of them forever.

If you’re a songwriter, you are most likely registered with a Performing Rights Organization such as ASCAP or BMI. 

But are you also registered as a publisher?

As musicians, our songs are our intellectual property.  They are the culmination of our life’s work. Plus, we all know that it only takes only one magical song to dramatically change the trajectory of our life and career.

Three Big Reasons to Set Up Your Own Publishing Company

Here are just 3 reasons why setting up your own Publishing Company – both through your PRO as well as a recognized business entity (LLC, Corporation, etc) – is extremely beneficial to every serious musician.

  1. Tax Benefits
  2. Liability Protection
  3. Potential to Leverage Future Earnings

The publishing entity you register with your PRO does not need to be a recognized business entity.  It could be as simple as a DBA or Sole Proprietorship, however, it’s important to understand that neither of those offer any liability protection.  

As with anything finance and business related, you should always speak with your accountant or financial consultant to run the numbers and see what type of business entity will work best for you. 

Since everyone’s situation is different, you should also consult with your Representative at your PRO.  PROs exist to serve & guide you, and it’s important to develop an ongoing relationship with your Rep as they will have first hand experience with this as well.


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